The Service Coordinator/Supportive Services Program was created in October 2006 to consolidate supportive services that are not included in other self-sufficiency programs. The goal was to better utilize the limited resources across the spectrum of the Doors 2 Success programs.


The Service Coordinators provide case management to our elderly/disabled clients living in Ratekin Tower and Walnut Park. However, there are clients who are receiving assisted housing, but not receiving case management who are sometimes in need of assistance as well, to prevent loss of housing.

National statistics show that supportive services for the elderly and disabled are on the rise. Understanding forms, agency protocols, eligibility requirements, health and medical information, and much more, are at times difficult, and can become very stressful. Attempting to maneuver through systems/agencies so that one’s needs are met is a challenge.

Surveys of housing program participants are conducted to help determine which critical needs are most important and in high demand. In addition, the Supportive Service department holds weekly meetings to help identify recurring problems and ongoing needs. It has been proven that clients who receive help through the Service Coordinator program live more stable and independent lives.