Message from the CEO  

Jody Kole CEO

At some point in each of our lives, we find ourselves vulnerable and needing help. And, at some points in each of our lives, we have an opportunity to help others.

Being inter-dependent is part of the human condition:

  • As children, we relied on the care and protection of our parents;
  • When sick or injured, we relied on doctors and nurses to help us heal;
  • Temporarily unemployed, we connected with peers and friends to seek opportunities;
  • In times of loss, we lean on loved ones for support.

The Grand Junction Housing Authority helps people when they are most vulnerable to regain their footing, and together we strengthen the community.

We provide over 700 quality apartments which are affordable to Grand Valley residents of modest incomes. We help over 1,200 individuals and families pay rent in market-rate apartments throughout the community. We help homeowners avert foreclosure. We help young families develop their own strengths and become self-sufficient. We help elders and people with disabilities access supportive services to remain as independent and healthy as possible. We bring homeless Veterans in from the cold, helping them heal.

Each year hundreds of families stabilize their home life, regain their footing, and can tackle other challenges in their lives. Once they are strong again, they can, in turn, help others. It is a beneficial cycle. It is community.

This is our mission. We have many wonderful partners in this work. We hope that you will join our efforts to make Grand Junction a community in which everyone has a safe place to call home.

Jody Kole
Chief Executive Officer

Currently all phone lines at our main office location on Foresight and some of our property management offices (The Highlands & 2814) are down due to a local outage with our phone provider. We are currently working to get our main incoming phone lines forwarded to other locations. In the meantime if you need to contact us, our office is open 8am-4pm and you can also use the contact form and Maintenance Request forms on our website. We will update this as we have further information but currently the tentative repair time we have been given is Thursday at 7am.