The Grand Junction Housing Authority understands that sometimes an individual or family's needs may be more complex than what housing support alone can address, and that identifying and connecting with available services can be incredibly challenging and time consuming. The following organizations act as hubs for local resources to help streamline that process.

Logo for 211 Colorado
211 Colorado

From 211 Colorado's website:

211 Colorado streamlines services and provides one central location where people can get connected to the resources they need. With a database that is updated daily, 211 Colorado can connect you to critical resources simply by dialing a three-digit number. Whether you are searching for a shelter availability, childcare, or rent payment assistance – 211 can connect you to available resources in your community.

Logo for Grand Valley Connects
Grand Valley Connects

Grand Valley Connects connects those in need of support with a Resource Navigator who can help them gain access to resources such as:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Childcare
  • Educational Programs
  • Employment Services
  • Disability Services
  • Family Support
  • Food Assistance
  • Medical Health and Health Coverage
  • Help with Utility Bills
  • Veteran Services
Catholic Outreach Almost Home Guide Logo
Catholic Outreach Almost Home Guide

From the Catholic Outreach website:

Almost Home simplifies the process for looking for affordable housing. With the help of property managers, realtors, and homeowners, a list of available properties is compiled, posted on this website, and distributed to community locations. A copy of the guide can be obtained at the Catholic Outreach Office or by downloading the list from this web site.

Currently all phone lines at our main office location on Foresight and some of our property management offices (The Highlands & 2814) are down due to a local outage with our phone provider. We are currently working to get our main incoming phone lines forwarded to other locations. In the meantime if you need to contact us, our office is open 8am-4pm and you can also use the contact form and Maintenance Request forms on our website. We will update this as we have further information but currently the tentative repair time we have been given is Thursday at 7am.