Getting word that there may be some spoofed text messages going around impersonating our organization. As always, be extremely careful of who you are communicating with (whether via text, phone or email!). We do not do anything via text at this time for any of our programs. Always go directly to the source. Get the phone number from an official source and call or contact directly! In our case our contact info can be found here on FB or on our website

  • Scam Alert

Currently all phone lines at our main office location on Foresight and some of our property management offices (The Highlands & 2814) are down due to a local outage with our phone provider. We are currently working to get our main incoming phone lines forwarded to other locations. In the meantime if you need to contact us, our office is open 8am-4pm and you can also use the contact form and Maintenance Request forms on our website. We will update this as we have further information but currently the tentative repair time we have been given is Thursday at 7am.